A popularizer puts ideas into books that ordinary people will want to read.

This description fits most of what I’ve written. I don’t write scholarly books, but I can read them. Then I can use the fruits of scholarship to write other books that more folks are likely to read.

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6 1/2 Times Around the World

Take a trip with Perry Thomas in his newest book — 6 1/2 times around the world!

For thirty years veteran author Perry Thomas and his family moved back and forth between homes on opposite sides of the earth. They have lived in different states, different countries, even different continents (not to mention distant islands). What have they seen and experienced in traveling 6 1/2 TIMES AROUND THE WORLD? And how have their journeys come out to such an odd total? Let this book be your passport for global adventures!

Willard and the War Effort

Share a look at the life of a fourth- grader living during World War II.

Young Willard faces the sort of challenges experienced by many fourth-graders: homework, household chores, broken eyeglasses, rain on an overnight campout, a bossy big sister, a grandmother who needs extra help. Yet he also faces challenges unique to his time in history: America’s first year in World War II. WILLARD AND THE WAR EFFORT: A 4th-Grader in the ’40s, is a middle-grade book of just over a hundred pages that uses colloquial style and a vocabulary level for young readers of today. Veteran author Perry Thomas tells what it was like to be a fourth-grader in the ’40s– when America went to war, and when the latest electronic gadget was a portable plug-in radio.

The Crazy Cheetahs of Camp Crabmont 

Dive into the antics of this crazy camp adventure!

Hardy Miller is off to camp! But it’s not the kind of camp he or most other eleven-year-olds ever experience. The camp is in a remote mountainous area of Java during the stormy 1960s. Hardy faces adjustments to a strange new setting, while finding his place among boys and girls who have known each other for years. Hardy and the four other boys in his group are quickly nicknamed “The Crazy Cheetahs” because of the mischief they cause. The camp director even threatens to send them all home n disgrace. Finally they straighten up enough to work together in helping to rescue two grownups who are in serious trouble. Hilarious misadventures, a traveling circus, a Mystery Man, and a Mystery Monster all combine to make a good read.

The Children of a King

Enjoy this nostalgic and heartwarming look at Christian youth of a bygone era.

THE CHILDREN OF A KING: RIDGECREST, SUMMER OF 1950 follows eighteen-year-old Cordel Whitman as he leaves home for the first time. Hoping to do something different and worthwhile, he spends three months working on the summer staff of Ridgecrest, a large Christian conference center in the North Carolina mountains. He makes many friends (some of them lifelong friends) among the 330 college students who work with him, and also among others at Ridgecrest — especially a lonely, troubled little boy. Cordel hears about the ominous outbreak of war in Korea. He experiences the sting of false accusations and the sadness of a fatal accident.

Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road

Learn how three brothers led the way through the American wilderness to a new life.

PILGRIMS ON THE WILDERNESS ROAD offers real-life adventure and positive role models for teen and preteen readers of today. Its themes of faith, freedom, patriotism, and overcoming hardship should appeal to patriots, to home-schoolers, and to all Christian believers. This historical novel is largely factual, growing out of long and thorough research (including use of newly-rediscovered primary sources). Let your faith be strengthened now as you learn about the heroic lives of Lewis, Elijah, and Joseph Craig.

From Slave to Governor

Learn about the first African American ruler of Liberia.

Born and raised in slavery, Lott Cary endured great humiliation before rising to the heights of fame and glory. After years of hard labor and careful saving, he managed to buy freedom for himself and his family. Along the way, he subjected himself to a new Master, becoming a devoted preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was then his life truly took on significance. This tribute to God’s amazing grace and Cary’s astounding success belongs in everyone’s library.

Good News From Indonesia

Cheer your soul with these heartwarming stories of faith in Indonesia.

Your heart will be warmed as you read these personal interest stories about people of all ages coming to faith in Jesus Christ. You will also find yourself being subtly educated about the Indonesian people, for this book is chock-full of historical facts, geography, cultural insight, and religious and spiritual understanding about Indonesia. This is truly a timeless book about Christian missions that you will want to share with all of your family and friends for years to come. Your vicarious missionary experience begins here!

Exploring Church History

Take a trip through church history!

Travel through twenty centuries of Christ’s people with this informative book.

Ways We Worship

Teach your children about the beliefs, practices, and history of the world’s major religions.

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